An Open Letter to Marketers: Make Love, Not Spam

make love not spam

Dear Marketing Professionals,

In much of the world, today is Valentine’s Day, a celebration of love. But this letter I am sending you is not a love letter. This is an open letter to the marketing community about one big way in which we're not being lovable.

We, the marketing industry, have a problem with spam.

I don’t mean the messages sent by hackers in a basement from a third-world country about transferring millions of dollars from Nigeria, or how to buy Viagra without a prescription. I mean what many of us marketing folks do as part of our jobs at legitimate companies. Marketers send millions of emails to people without their permission every single day ...

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Email Deluge Swamping Worker Efficiency: Varonis


While this article speaks of people "sorting, filing, flagging and tagging", we are left to wonder, what about proper training for these people in the use of their email clients?  There are rules that will dramatically help with these things.

Personally, I recently went through an unplanned email migration.  I now have rules for everything.  So my inbox is primarily filled with real business communications, while the rest of my email filters down to one of my many other folders to be viewed and browsed later.  The truth is, only a small presentation of our email requires immediate attention.  So, we should deal with it that way.  -Ed.

Surging numbers of emails cause workers to spend countless hours sorting, filing, flagging and tagging instead of focusing on action items, according to a survey of nearly 100 organizations by data governance software provider Varonis.

The study, which questioned employees about their digital habits and vices, found that nearly a quarter receive between 100 and 1,000 emails. One in 10 workers now faces more than 10,000 emails in their inbox. The problem has grown so bad that 43 percent of those surveyed said they routinely abandon their inboxes altogether in favor of a virtual coffee break.

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How the Red Cross is Using Inbound Marketing to Drive Donations This Holiday Season

Red Cross

Inbound Marketing is a hot topic in these times.  In light of that, we thought that folks like mike a real world example of how it's working.  The Red Cross is currently using it to drive donations.  Obviously, if it's working for them, it can work for your business too!  -Ed. 

The holiday season is here. Sipping on eggnog, baking chocolate chip cookies, popping champagne with family and friends -- these are some of the most enjoyable parts of the season. But while we enjoy these little pleasures, it’s important to remember that there are still many people recovering from the devastation of recent natural disasters, like Hurricane Sandy. Does that mean we shouldn’t sip eggnog, bake cookies, or pop champagne? Of course not! But perhaps we should give a little bit back, and share our holiday spirit.

Over the past six years at HubSpot, we’ve been humbled to grow an incredible network of inbound marketers. So now we’d like to call on you, the inbound marketers across the globe, to rally together and do something that truly means something. We invite you to join us, and donate what you can to the American Red Cross to help those affected by natural disasters. The Red Cross has done a stellar job collecting donations through its "Give Something That Means Something" campaign. Read on to learn more about this campaign, and how the Red Cross has had success leveraging inbound marketing to drive donations. You can also download the PDF version of this case study here, no form submission required.

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Email marketing expert gives tips on reaching customers | The Fergus Falls Daily Journal

Here's a nice set of ideas to reach customers.  Email marketing continues to evolve.  Lead with information… that's the key in our eyes.  -Ed.

The Fergus Falls Chamber of Commerce helped bring the power of email marketing to 40 members and guests Tuesday at the Bigwood Event Center.

As part of on-going educational programs the Chamber provides, Jeff Ferrazzo, a professional speaker, trainer and regional development director from email service provider Constant Contact was brought in to share tips on email marketing essentials.

“Whether you are marketing in person or over email, it’s still all about relationship building,” said Ferrazzo. “It’s six to seven times more expensive to gain a customer than to retain a customer, but people don’t trust the ‘big business’ message.”

The session covered the steps of connecting with customers and building a relationship so business owners and marketers can communicate with them more effectively.

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Return Path's Email Marketing Blog - In the Know: 5 Tips for Monitoring Your Competition’s Email Program

 Julia Peavy

While we believe in monitoring the competition, don't get stuck watching them and ignoring your own email campaigns.  Below is a great article on keeping an eye on "what the other guy is doing"  Ed.

As marketers work to ensure their emails arrive in and stand out in a crowded inbox, keeping an eye on their competition (and top-tier marketers) is a tactic that is becoming increasingly important. While monitoring other marketers’ email programs can provide inspiration and insights, it is often difficult and time consuming.  Here are five tips for monitoring the competition to help make your email program best in class.

Preference Center

Monitoring the subscription process and preference center of your competition can help provide clues to many elements discussed below. What data are they collecting during the subscription process? What choices are provided to their subscriber base when it comes to interests, mail streams, and frequency? Are they collecting data fields that you are not collecting, but should? Are there email streams you were not aware of? How are they integrating social media and mobile into their preference center?

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Gazetty, LLC joins Startup America Initiative

startup firm badge

Gazetty, LLC is both proud and excited to join the Startup America initiative.  Through this initiative we hope to meet new partners and grow their businesses as well as ours.

Through the partnership, we hope to be offering some "deals" and discounts to other members.

* * * 

The Startup America Partnership is a passionate community of founders, investors and executives helping each other acquire customers, recruit top talent and attract investors. It's free to join and you'll immediately gain access to:

  • A network of local and national relationships dedicated to helping you succeed 
  • Unique opportunities and deals packaged to help your startup scale 
  • Access to and advice from iconic entrepreneurs, experts and thought leaders

Today's the day to accelerate your startup's success. You are just a minute away from unique opportunities, unmatched deals, and access to an amazing community of thousands of high growth-startups like Dwolla, WildFire, and TourWrist, as well as iconic founders like Steve Case, Reid Hoffman, Tory Burch and Michael Dell.

Email Marketing - Three Cross-Sell and Up-Sell Tactics to Improve Email Marketing Results : MarketingProfs Article


If your marketing efforts include direct email marketing, and who's doesn't…. Give this article from our friends over at MarketingProfs a read.  Worth the time.  -Ed.

It's an old adage: Driving increased sales from your current customers is  easier than acquiring new customers. But when marketing via email, a lot of businesses seem to be missing an opportunity that's right in front of them.

Cross-sell and up-sell programs are a great, low-cost way that retailers can increase revenue by reaching out to the customers they know best. But when my company, StrongMail, conducted an industry survey last fall, we found that only 37% of respondents were integrating these kinds of offers into their email marketing strategy. What gives?

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InboundWriter Review: How It Helps And Where It Fails | Small Business Technology


Here's a great discussion regarding SEO strategies and inbound content development.  Excellent tips here for generating content for your website.  -Ed. 

Can’t figure out SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Don’t worry… you’re not alone. There are hundreds of thousands of people who can’t do it, either. In fact, 95 percent of all blogs fail, as in they seriously crash and burn into the abyss of forgotten websites that never update anymore. You don’t want to have one of those blogs or own a site that ends up like that.

What do the 5 percent know that the other 95 don’t? Besides protesting as “the 95 percent,” there are ways to actually adopt measures to make your site better. Some people don’t know, though, that they can do too much of a good thing. Let’s take an example: John sells custom-made T-shirts for people. He’s a great designer, has a ton of talent, and has the skills necessary to keep the business running. He decides to invest in a domain name, starts a website, and tries to sell his product outside his locale. He plasters “custom T-shirts” all over the site and even writes an article mentioning “custom T-shirts” or “T-shirts” in just about every sentence.

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Integrated Marketing Checklist: Tying Together Your Promotion Across Platforms - Search Engine Watch (#SEW)

We hear this over and over again from our clients.  "Which one should I leverage?"  Meaning should we marketing on Facebook or LinkedIn or email…. The simple answer is "All of them."  You cannot build a cohesive strategy without touch at least your website, email and social media.  Let's not forget print either.  This article is a nice piece focused on this very topic.  Worth a read!  -Ed.

Marketing Channels

I recently received an email blast advertising a shoe sale on a well-known shoe website. I didn’t think I needed new shoes (WHAT?!) and deleted the email. A few days later I found out about a business trip and decided I wanted to find a red pair of shoes.

I didn’t have the email handy, but visited the site thinking I would easily find the deal from their homepage or "specials" section.

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How to Market In Your Videos Properly | Small Business Technology


We’ve already published a story about how video might be the new direction for businesses. The problem with video, though, is that you can’t just start publishing videos without marketing them. One of the toughest things to do is to actually call people to action within a video in a way that they don’t have to type long URLs or emails.

Solutions for this are very limited, and most businesses rely on video channel subscriptions to get ahead. But where are the sales? Promoting a product won’t necessarily entice someone to buy it if they don’t know how to do it or are annoyed by the extra bother of having to type things. YouTube is very limited in this aspect, and doesn’t allow for many marketing efforts to successfully achieve a call to action. It generally isn’t the best marketing platform.

To read the original article: How to Market In Your Videos Properly | Small Business Technology

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