How to Use Your Email Newsletter to Lose Friends and Annoy People | Social Media Today


Here's a decent post with some good tips on how to keep your readers.  Worth a read!  -Ed.

Whether you believe that “Inbox Zero” is a fantasy or an achievable goal, there is no doubt that our email inboxes have become increasingly competitive places.

Survival of the fittest certainly applies when it comes to what emails get read, which get archived and which get (gulp!) permanently deleted.

So how do you ensure that your email newsletters and e-blasts survive the ax?

Just as importantly, what are you currently doing to send your email subscribers running for the hills?

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Will Twitter supersede email marketing in the near future? | Practical eCommerce

As the detail in the article states, it's not about which one tool to use for your marketing strategy.  The short story is you must use ALL tools and push your content where your prospects are.  -Ed.

Ever since social media blew up big, experts have sworn that Twitter will single-handedly slay email marketing as we know it. Twitter has been framed as the hip kid in town, and email marketing, long an invaluable tool for online sellers, has been painted the stodgy, cranky old man who doesn't like change.

Now that the dust has settled a bit, some inexperienced online sellers do believe that Twitter has superseded email marketing, when in reality the two marketing tools complement each other perfectly. Here's how Twitter and email marketing stack up against each other.

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Your New Email Marketing Strategy: Five Quick Tips | Business 2 Community

No Spam

Here are some great tips for your newsletter strategy.  -Ed.

Companies are seeing less ROI on their email marketing programs. As consumers delete their messages more frequently and set up stronger spam filters, many businesses are questioning email marketing’s relevance. I can see why organizations think that email marketing is dead. Personally speaking, I delete a lot of messages that come my way… because a lot of what people send me IS spam. However, I don’t think email marketing is dead – I think the “old school” email marketing strategy is extinct.

When the early adopters of email marketing were sending out e-blasts, the old school mentality was “I’ll just send a bunch of people my sales pitch and one of them is bound to hit.” Well, these companies didn’t have a lot of competition in the digital world at the time, so they were able to get some sales using this methodology. However, the problem is that every company joined on the bandwagon and now targets are bombarded with sales messages via email 24/7.

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Twitter Launches ‘Best Of Twitter’ Email Newsletter - International Business Times


This article illustrates the continued importance and relevance of email marketing.  -Ed.

Twitter has been searching for a way to bring the most important information on the service to the forefront of users feeds, and now the company is using old technology to get the job done.

Twitter has launched a new email newsletter that will be delivered weekly. The email will include the most-shared stories from the users that a given person follows and some of the most engaging tweets.

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Two Out-of-the-Box Unsubscribe Pages That’ll Make You Think Twice


Here's a great post regarding unsubscribe pages.  These are two last ditch efforts to keep your users subscribed to your lists.  What do you think?  Is this professional?  -Ed.

The other morning I woke up, ate a bowl of Rice Krispies, and sat down at my laptop like I do almost every day of the week. Except, on this particular day, I opened my inbox to find more than sixty email newsletters waiting for me. We’ve all been there, right? On most mornings I’ll sift through, read a few things, and hit delete on a lot of other things.

Well on this morning, the sheer volume of distractions that kept me from getting to my most important emails triggered me to call it quits for any newsletter that  A. didn’t help me do my job or B. hadn’t intrigued me enough to open for as long as I’d been subscribed. When I was done, it seemed like I’d subscribed to every daily deal newsletter from vacations to products, to service and wedding stuff.

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Email Marketing Hall Of Shame: 3 Classic #Fails To Avoid | aimClear® Blog


These are just great.  Clearly 3 things to avoid!  Enjoy!  --Ed.

Email marketing is easy, right? It seems so simple. Yet some respected companies still make classic email marketing mistakes. Read on for an online marketing rant down memory lane.

Before there were AdWords, Facebook or LinkedIn targeting, there was venerable email marketing. In this current (tricked out) demographic targeting era, where we regularly model and market to complex “Personas” and their sub- “Personalities,”  it’s important to take a step back and remember the basics. Profile your customers by leveraging focused on-hand data. Tread softly. Treat users with patience and care. Segment email marketing lists properly and (above all) don’t auto-opt customers into lists they didn’t clearly elect to receive.

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How to Breathe Life Into a Boring Email Newsletter


Here's an excellent post regarding breathing life into a newsletter.  It's interesting to note that "Information Overload" is an issue they address.  We often recommend (sometimes on deaf ears) to decrease the volume of content sent in a newsletter.  Carefully examine the amount of content  combined with your readership profiling to active that happy medium between active readers and amount of content.  --Ed.

If you've ever been on the receiving end of an email newsletter, you've likely been more bored than that shamelessly cute baby to the right. I get it -- when you're not sure what to write, but you feel like an email has to go out, why not send an update about products, services, and what's going on at your company?

Unfortunately, the result is often a whole lot of generic, irrelevant content sent to a poorly segmented list -- and that results in low open/click-through rates and lots of unsubscribes. That means best case scenario, your reputation is dinged in your subscribers' eyes; worst case scenario, your reputation is dinged by Return Path and future email deliverability is negatively impacted.

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Leveraging Dynamic Content in Email Marketing

Here's a great article with a high level strategy to getting started with your newsletter campaign. 

Relevancy is the key to getting results in email marketing—which means striving to customize the message, product and service to each recipient. Because a message has only so much space and a recipient only so much attention, it's critical that your message be strong, targeted and precise. 

The good news is that relevancy in email marketing can be achieved by using dynamic content, a method for customizing parts of your email creative with text or images personalized to that specific recipient. For example, a used car dealer that can customize its newsletter and showcase cars based on an individual buyer's profile. John Smith, the low budget car seeker, could be presented with this week's Honda Civic, while Jane Doe, the high budget luxury car seeker, might be presented with the new Lexus in inventory. 

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Legislator criticized for email list again | Statesman Journal |

 Dennis Richardson

Here's a great example of what not to do with an email list.  It's a good read, albeit a longer one.  In short, proper use of unsubscribe technology would help this state legislator.

A key Oregon state legislator’s continuing use of home email addresses to send unsolicited political messages is prompting renewed criticism from state employees and other members of the public.

Rep. Dennis Richardson, R-Central Point, raised hackles in January when it came to light that he had used public-records requests to obtain residents’ email addresses from state agencies and build an email list containing hundreds of thousands of names.

Richardson initially said he wanted the email addresses so he could solicit budget-cutting ideas from the public.

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Spice up your Email Newsletter and Gain a Greater Audience


Here's another decent piece about how to write good newsletter content.  Of course, we don't outright agree with all of it… but it's a solid piece to consider when authoring your own content.  Check it out!  -Ed.

Ever been on a receiving end of an email newsletter that probably bored you to tears? If so, you need to stop and think about those newsletters that you also regularly send to your subscribers. You may be sending them emails simply because company traditions have to be adhered to. However, if you don’t have any useful information to send to your subscribers, why not send updates touching on services, products, or on what your company is currently up to? Poor content leads to low click-through figures and in extreme cases, unsubscription. These are not desirable attributes nor ones that adhere to inbound marketing techniques.

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