Four Tips to Improve Your Email Newsletter Readability

Newspaper Reader

Here's a decent piece that speaks to newsletter design and implementation.  While these are not hard and fast rules, are there ever any hard and fast rules?

We'd like to additionally add another rule… remember the 600 pixel width goal.  Many readers will consume email in an email client or a web email viewer that has navigation aids such as folders, etc, on the left side of the screen.  Keep this in mind when designing your newsletter.  -Ed.

An email newsletter is a great way for a business to communicate with its customers. However, it’s always tempting just to dump a lot of content into the body of an email. After all, this way the message may appear to be more substantial and more authoritative.

What marketers need to grasp is that how well they present this content depends on the readability of the newsletter’s text. The easier it is to read, the better one can communicate with subscribers, increasing the value of each newsletter.

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25+ Free and Premium Email Newsletter Templates and Layouts - DesignModo


Here is a great source for some newsletter templates.  Gazetty's automatic newsletter technology can work with any of them.  Choose one and contact us today!

In this modern phase of business, newer and more effective marketing strategies are being invented every day. Emails could be a great source of the newer form of marketing. Companies can accrue a good amount of potential business through emails and newsletters. But often these items are not paid deserved attention as a source of marketing and promotion. However, a little bit of retrospection on this issue can make wonders in the business. Some creative souls have thought about these and come to some great email solutions for companies who want to promote their site as well as their business in a different manner. These emails have stunning designs and great functionality to make your potential or existing customers aware of your upcoming or latest ventures.

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3 steps to spruce up a boring email newsletter | Business 2 Community


Below is a great article regarding your newsletters.  Gazetty helps with many of these things especially when it comes to finding content, which is often the biggest excuse we hear.  Gazetty helps you focus on design and refinement while we take care of the mundane tasks such as finding good content.

Are you sick of putting together your email newsletters?

If so, your audience is probably sick of reading them (if they do at all). So it might be time to shake things up and give your email newsletters a makeover.

After all, we all deserve to be pampered once in a while. Your subscribers will probably thank you for it too…

There are three simple steps to freshening up your email newsletter.

1) Research - Give your readers what they want

2) Redesign - Form Follows Function

3) Test, refine, test, refine

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Email Remains King For Promotional Messaging


If you don't believe us when we say email is still a very important part of your marketing plan, you'll want to read and pay attention to this post from Small Business Trends.  There is some excellent points in this post.  -Ed.

So sometimes social media gets all the attention for being a shiner medium, but that doesn’t mean email is dead. Not by a long shot. In fact, according to a new survey from ExactTarget [pdf], its email NOT social media that customers seek out most for promotional messages. Interesting, right?

But hold that thought, let’s back up.

ExactTarget’s data comes from the 2012 Channel Preference Study, an ongoing research series that uses data collected through focus groups and online surveys to discover how real consumers interact with brands through email, Facebook and Twitter. None of this “theory” or “assumptions” stuff. They look at the real data behind what’s going on. For the 2012 survey, a total of 1,481 respondents completed the survey between January 27, 2012, and February 1, 2012, answering questions about overall Internet usage, devices owned, personal communication habits, permission, and purchase-behavior related to marketing. You can check out the PDF linked above for the full responses, but it was that last segment that I was most interested in.

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5 Ways email can be used to tap into fast growth emerging markets | memeburn


Here's a great article about using email to break into new markets.  Email is still the most widely available form of electronic communication available.  -Ed.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term BRICs and the hype surrounding these and other rapidly developing emerging markets. Your company may already be doing business with companies in these countries, or thinking of entering them. They can offer great return on investment and growth to businesses in saturated, mature and post-recessionary markets.

Internet penetration is growing at an extraordinary pace in these markets which makes it easier for marketers to reach companies and contacts via online marketing.

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How email marketing is evolving -


Here's an awesome piece about your list maintenance practices.  At Gazetty, we perform most of these tasks for you automatically.

Let's review again the arguments in support of suppressing inactives:

  1. Your deliverability numbers will improve
  2. Open, click and click-to-open rates will improve (well of course they will if you stop sending to people who don't open your email!)
  3. Your out-outs will decline
  4. Your reputation will improve with ISPs

And let's sum up my reason not to -- each email that lands in an inbox is an opportunity for a sale in another channel at best, and a brand impression at worst. You can get the rest of the detail by going back and reading the whole column, because today I want to address what an email marketer who buys into this new perspective would do differently. Here's my starter list:

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Email still marketing workhorse :: BtoB Magazine


Here's a nice piece on why B2B Email Marketing is still a viable tactic.

Marketers favor email, the workhorse among b2b tactics, for its effectiveness in acquiring customers and nurturing prospects, but there are widely divergent approaches to using it. These include frequency as well as opt-in best practices—or lack thereof—when assembling contact lists.

Those are some of the findings of “Email Marketing: A Legacy Channel Continues to Deliver,” a new BtoB study based on an online survey of 332 b2b marketers in December and January. It found that customer acquisition, cited by 32% of respondents, and lead nurturing (27%) are the two primary goals of email programs.

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Gazetty, LLC announces Google Analytics interface for Newsletters

Google Analytics

Gazetty is excited to announce that our newsletters are now compatible with Google Analytics.  Google Analytics is an excellent, free way to monitor your website traffic.  Now, if you utilize Gazetty to build your newsletters, user data will show through on your Google Analytics page and account.

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Email Newsletter Templates Premium Styles | Best 15 Templates | Best resource for Designers and Bloggers - Web Development | WordPress | Design | SEO | Blogging


Standing out from the crowd is important.  Here's a list of some newsletter templates that can help your project get jumpstarted.

There is no shame in using a redeveloped template.  In fact, you can save lots of time and money in doing so.

Designers are always different. Every designer need to make some innovation all the ways. These elegant Email Newsletter Template styles can easily stick your clients. Another advantage is using a pre-formatted template for your work can cut your bid in half and assistance. Use these premium styles without any commercial mind and all credits goes to developers.

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Online Marketing Summit 2012 Top Takeaways | Business 2 Community


This post regarding the Marketing Summit of 2012 has some fantastic, quick hit pointers for your marketing strategy.  Give then a read, it's definitely worth the time.

I recently had the opportunity to attend the Online Marketing Summit, better known as OMS, in San Diego, California. The summit covered topics such as social media strategy, search engine optimization, email marketing, local search marketing, eCommerce and more. I came back with several pages of notes, a brain packed full information and ideas, new industry expert friends, tons of business cards, some t-shirts, and a suntan. Most importantly though, I crafted this blog post for our readers that is jam packed full of top takeaways from the summit. As you read, keep in mind that I am not directly quoting the people that I list, but rather citing which presenters provided the information or enabled me to spark the idea.

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