Why do people read newsletters?

Ultimately, to become educated not to hear about all of the great stuff your company is doing.

Why do businesses publish newsletters?

Ultimately, to increase sales and awareness of their brand and services.

As you can see, these needs don't really cross.  Until now.  As a small, focused business helping educate your readers can be key in converting a prospect into a client.  As a small business, however, locating and finding appropriate content is just too costly.  Combine that with the cumbersome newsletter marketing engines of today and we have a real challenge.

With Gazetty, this all changes.  You know you need a newsletter.  You know you need great content.  For the first time, the process of finding great content  is married with the process of building a newsletter.  It's so well integrated that we even have that ability to release timed editions with little to no work on your part.

Educate your customers with timely, relevant information.  Promote your brand by providing a service of helping them determine the important articles to read.  Building trust, will ultimately lead to more customers.

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